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Important Vs. Urgent: Understanding the Difference

Plumbing is an essential part of the home, so it is crucial that homeowners are always aware of the current condition of their plumbing system. It can also be pretty tough to distinguish a problem from an actual emergency. Sometimes plumbing emergencies can hide their face until it’s too late. If homeowners understand the difference between a plumbing problem and a plumbing emergency, it could help them save money on repairs in the long run. Regardless, homeowners should call in a professional the moment they notice something isn’t right with their plumbing system.

However, it is beneficial for everyone if the homeowner can distinguish between a common issue and an emergency because it lets the professionals know how to respond. Continue reading to learn how to decipher if three common plumbing issues require emergency service.

Broken Pipes: Problem or Emergency?

A burst pipe is the perfect example of a plumbing problem that is, in fact, an emergency but might not seem like it at first. This is because broken pipes might not cause a lot of damage at first. That can change at the drop of a hat, though. If the homeowner isn’t on top of calling in a professional, their home might suffer from the consequences. The last thing a homeowner wants is for their broken pipe to go unnoticed until they start to experience flooding in the house.
Here are some signs of a possible broken pipe:

  • No water comes out of the pipe
  • There is a strange smell coming from the pipe
  • Stains on the walls
  • The water bill increases
  • Discolored water

Most of the time, stuff like this can be avoided with regular professional maintenance.

Clogged Toilet: Problem or Emergency?

A clogged toilet, on the other hand, is usually seen as a plumbing problem. Clogged toilets happen all the time. However, when a toilet starts to experience frequent clogs or the clog is big enough, it can begin to cause an emergency situation inside the home.

It is essential that homeowners never let a clogged toilet go unattended for too long. Things can escalate rather quickly, and before they know it, the homeowner is dealing with an emergency flood in their home. It is always better to call in the professional the moment any problems start to arise. This is the best option to keep from experiencing emergencies from clogged toilets.




Sewage System Backup: Emergency!

Different things can lead to a sewage system backup. Clogs from the indoor plumbing like the kitchen sink, toilets, and even showers can contribute to a sewage system backup. However, the most common cause of a backup during the spring and summer months is heavy rainfall.

Rain causes leaves, twigs, trash, mud, and other debris to flow into plumbing systems from the sewage drain. These types of things will cause backups in the sewage system in no time at all. If homeowners experience slow drainage or flooding in the yard, this is the first sign that they should call in a professional to check for sewage line backup. This is especially true if the slow drainage happens directly after a storm.

Calling a professional as soon as possible helps avoid backup flowing into the home. The professionals will treat it as an emergency situation and respond with services as quickly as they can.

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