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Having an issue with your water heater can be a big headache for many homeowners in Calhoun and Woodstock, GA. When you expect hot water and it comes out cold, it can be terribly frustrating. Most of the time, the reason you are getting that cold water is because your water tank is empty and needs to refill and reheat.

Luckily, a tankless water heater in Calhoun and Woodstock, GA, as well as other areas we serve, can remedy this situation and provide your household with warm water whenever you need it. At Locklear Plumbing, we have experience and expertise dealing with tankless water heaters, and can repair the one you have or install a brand new one whenever you need it.

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About Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater replacement functions without the need for a standard water tank, meaning you can have hot water whenever you want it. These systems are also called “on demand” water heaters and they operate with heating elements at the source, so you get hot water as soon as you turn on a faucet. Tankless water heaters can take a lot of the frustration out of your home, especially if you have a larger family.

Tankless Advantages

Convenience is one of the main advantages of a tankless water heater, but it isn’t the only one. Not only will you have hot water when you want it, but you also won’t have to worry about running out once the flow starts. Tankless systems can also be more cost-effective because you won’t have to pay to keep a big tank of water heated at all times. These are the reasons more and more homeowners are going tankless and forgetting about the standard type of water heater.

Why Work with Us?

We like to say “Our Family, Taking Care of Your Family” as a slogan because we feel like our customers are part of our extended family. When you sign with us for tankless water heater service, you’ll get exceptional customer service courtesy of a plumber in Calhoun and Woodstock, GA, plus the following features:

Experienced, reliable technicians

Convenient same-day service

Honest, flat rate pricing to eliminate surprises

Signs Your Tankless Water Heater Needs Repair

A tankless water heater installation is a smart investment since these water heaters typically last twice as long as traditional ones. However, a tankless unit is like any other water heater in that it sometimes needs to be repaired. Signs suggesting it's time to give us a call are:

The water heater regularly shutting off unexpectedly

Lack of hot water being produced when it's needed

Getting water with an odd taste or strange odor

Leaks around parts that carry water

Tankless Water Heater FAQs

Like any type of water heater, a tankless unit needs to be flushed on a regular basis – at least once a year is what we recommend. Tankless water heater maintenance also involves regular inspections to check parts and connections.

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If you’d like to discover all the benefits a tankless water heater has to offer, call us at 678-203-8105 (Calhoun) and (678) 210-8530 (Woodstock). We offer trusted water heater repair and installation services at affordable prices for any tankless water heater in Calhoun and Woodstock, GA.