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Professional Drain Cleaning in Calhoun, GA

It's not unusual for drains to clog simply from regular use. If this is what has you searching for a reliable local drain cleaning company in The Peach State, look no further than Locklear Plumbing. We respond quickly to residential and commercial drain cleaning needs with options that are affordable and effective.

Importance and Benefits of Drain Cleaning

Drains are subjected to everything from household gunk and various food items to products not really meant to be flushed. For this reason, it's important to have regular drain cleaning in Calhoun, GA. It's a process that comes with appealing, money-saving benefits that include:

Reducing the risk of surprise clogs at inconvenient times

Improving how your drains work

Extending the life of your drain lines

Lowering the risk of damage to your property from backups and overflows

Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

Contact us when you start to see signs indicating your drains need a thorough, expert cleaning. In addition to experiencing more frequent clogs and backups, the top signs you'll likely benefit from professional drain cleaning services include:

We proudly serve the following communities in the Calhoun, GA area:

  • Strong or lingering drain odors
  • Drains that go down slowly when used
  • Water accumulating around your drains
  • Gurgling and other odd sounds coming from your drains
  • Water coming back up your drains after it goes down

How Does Professional Drain Cleaning Work?

If there's a need to identify the location of the clog or the nature and extent of the blockage, the affected drain is usually inspected first. We also typically inspect a clogged drain first to determine if the drain pipe is stable enough when a more thorough cleaning is needed. There are two common approaches to professional drain cleaning we use for residential and commercial drains at Locklear Plumbing:


Drain Snaking

Done with a coiled metal wire that's eased into the drain line, drain snaking is often best for minor or moderate clogs. It also tends to work well on blockages limited to one area of a drain. It can also be an effective way to break up stubborn debris that's not too far down in the drain line.


Hydro Jetting

This is a powerful cleaning method that involves the use of pressurized water. The water clears away pretty much anything restricting or blocking flow in a drain. Hydro jetting is typically suitable for debris that's deeper down or tree roots that need to be broken up and flushed out.

We provide professional and quality drain cleaning services in the following locations:

Why Hire Our Experts

Locklear Plumbing takes customer satisfaction seriously with first-rate service that includes:

  • Respectful, courteous technicians
  • Prices good for your budget
  • Convenient scheduling and payment options
  • Pressure-free service recommendations

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Restore full flow in your home or business drains by contacting Locklear Plumbing for all your drain cleaning needs in Calhoun, GA. Our experienced plumber in Calhoun, GA arrives promptly with everything needed to restore your drains and peace of mind. Call us or fill out the form today if you have clogged drains or prefer to schedule a routine cleaning.