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How Do Root Clogs Happen?

Who doesn’t love the look of perfectly manicured landscaping and graceful big trees in their yard? What people often don’t think about is what’s going on below the surface. Tree roots bury deep into the ground where they search for water, oxygen, and nutrients to survive.
Guess where they can find a bounty of all of these things? That’s right. Your pipes and sewer line! If the root finds a small crack in your pipe or enters through a hole in the joint, it will weave its way into the pipe and cause a root clog… which is a plumbing disaster!

Stop Clogs With Routine Drain Cleaning (for prevention)

Root clogs can cause your drains to back up, even allowing sewage to back up in the line, and let’s be honest, nobody wants to deal with that. The best way to handle this is to prevent clogs from happening in the first place.
A simple prevention method is to have regular drain cleaning services performed every 12 months to ensure your pipes don’t have any blockages forming. Professionals go into the pipe with a device that can cut through and break down any roots, leaving a clear path for sewage to leave your property.
It also allows the technician to go in with a camera to determine the extent of any damage, so you can better prepare for any future issues. This preventative maintenance will ensure your pipes stay clear while giving you peace of mind.

Don’t Risk Root Clog Disasters

Think you’ll just roll the dice and deal with root clog issues after they happen? Not only can a clog throw a wrench in your day, but it can also cause a straight-up root clog disaster. When roots make their way into your pipes, they have the potential to cause every line in your home to back-up.

That’s right – raw sewage can start pouring out of all of your sinks, showers, and toilets at the same time. Say goodbye to those new cherry hardwood floors or grandma’s antique rug. Root clog disasters can cost thousands of dollars in damages, but it is preventable with proper maintenance.

How To Stall Tree Root Growth

Want to step up your prevention methods to the next level? A proven method to stall tree root growth is with the use of copper sulfates. Tree roots can sense that copper sulfates are poisonous to them, so they naturally reroute their root growth away from the treated area. One method involves pouring a small amount, 1/2 cup or less, of copper sulfates directly down the toilet.
Another option is to have the area around your sewer lines on the ground treated with copper sulfate. Both methods will help combat pesky tree roots from taking up residence in your pipes, and since the copper is only absorbed a short distance into the root system, your trees won’t be harmed in the process.

Root clogs have the potential to cause a tremendous amount of damage to your home and property but armed with these prevention tips, you can have your beautifully landscaped yard while ensuring your pipes keep everything moving through smoothly.

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