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The choice of new fixtures in your bathroom upgrades can improve the comfort and functionality of your restroom. Some consider getting a squat toilet for an improved experience, not to mention some added health advantages. You will need the guidance of a good plumber in Calhoun, GA during bathroom remodeling.

Squat Toilets: Why People Would Want Them

Many people want a squat toilet installed in their bathrooms for specific health conditions. Taking a dump in the natural squatting position is the most natural and stress-free way. It results in a much better and clearer poop pathway.

Sitting on a traditional toilet contributes to conditions such as hemorrhoids and constipation. It presses against your colon muscles and the rectal pathway, impacting your waste. It also adds extra exertion and effort for many individuals. It is much more stress-free, making it a faster and more efficient way to poop.

With squat toilets, the use of bidets for cleansing can also be gentler on sensitive skin. It reduces the risk of irritation and discomfort. Modern squat toilets also offer modern features such as low fixture flushing and water-saving features.

Comprehensive Bathroom Solutions

You’ll need an expert plumber for a seamless installation process for your squat toilet. They can handle the intricacies of these toilet systems. Proper installation and the right unit are crucial elements.

An experienced plumbing company can help with comprehensive bathroom remodeling solutions. Their expertise is key for efficient bathroom functions. They’ll see to it that it meets the highest hygiene standards and codes.

Beyond squatting toilet installations, they provide a range of plumbing services. Regular maintenance helps squat toilets function without issues as long as we use them like regular toilets. This means no other wastes go down into them.

Plumbing repairs are not often for squat toilets. When used properly, its usage is as smooth and easy as its method of pooping.

If you need to remodel your bathroom to accommodate personal needs or preferences such as squat toilets, call Locklear Plumbing. Trust us for all repairs, maintenance, installations, and emergency plumbing. Our expertise stretches back to 2004, making us the most trusted local specialist.

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