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It can be exciting and rewarding to remodel a bathroom. But there are many things to consider. Your local plumber in Calhoun, GA can give you insights on some tough plumbing decisions.

What’s the placement of the new fixtures.? Should two sinks replace one? Can you replace a tub with a shower stall? What materials should you use?

Once a preliminary design is in place, it’s time to involve a professional plumbing company to help fill in the blanks. Literally, the blank spaces in your walls.

Repairs and Restoration Before Remodeling

Besides a new look, a good reason for a bathroom remodel is to replace aged or damaged pipes and connections. You need plumbing repairs before new activity can take place.

There may already be corrosion or leaks on your existing pipes. There may be odor-producing, blocked drain pipes or noisy, rattling pipes present. Take care of these unchecked issues to avoid major problems in the future.

The Role Of Professional Plumbing in a Bathroom Remodel

Professional knowledge of plumbing is key. Proper care when handling hot water pipes and their connections is paramount as is containing sewer pipes and vents.

You also need to observe plumbing code tolerances and clearances. A toilet must be a certain distance from a wall and other fixtures and so on. There may be a desire for a fixture location in a certain spot. But the crowded pipes in the wall may have other ideas.

Water and Leak Proofing Are Key

Good support and properly sealed tiles, walls, and floors are also crucial to a successful bathroom remodel. Leaky pipes can lead to water damage and mold.

To ease your mind, we will determine the need for structural or emergency plumbing before, during, and after the bathroom remodel project. This safeguards the bathroom and future-proofs it from errors.

Call Locklear Plumbing for licensed and bonded professional plumbers. We will help remodel your bathroom with the right specifications and proper settings.

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