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Maintenance and repairs are among the most neglected aspects of home ownership. But the more you put off maintenance, the more likely you are to encounter plumbing issues that may be difficult to repair. Numerous things can go wrong with your water system. Fortunately, LocklearPlumbing experts are ready to take care of them.

Whenever you need a plumber in Calhoun, GA, that you can count on for prompt services, turn to Locklear Plumbing. Here, we discuss the surefire signs that you need immediate plumbing repairs.

Reduced Water Flow

The water flow rate reduces if minerals and sediments accumulate on the heater. Diminished water flow shows that the pipes connecting to various outlets have a blockage. This isn’t something to ignore or postpone; call a professional immediately to flush the plumbing system.

Burst Pipes

In some areas, temperatures dip below freezing during the cold season. Water pipes are likely to get frozen during winter, which leads to bursting. The pipes also burst if they have clogs. High water pressure builds up behind the clogs, increasing the odds of bursting, particularly if the pipes are old and rusty. Burst pipes are legitimate emergencies and require prompt plumbing repairs from an expert.

The Smell of Sewage

Sewage smells should never be able to seep into your home. If it does, it’s a sign you have a broken sewer. This unpleasant emergency plumbing scenario will likely cause health issues. Furthermore, the underlying issue causing the odor to seep out may likely cause further damage to your property.

Cloudy Water

At times, the water from your heater may turn cloudy. It’s a sign that the mineral sediments accumulated at the bottom have increased to high levels. As a result, they can travel through the pipes to various outlets. In addition, the high deposits show that the heater is corroded, hence, the rusting smell. Contact specialists from a reputable plumbing company if you notice any of these signs.

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