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Avoiding Everyday Sink Problems

Whenever the sink clogs, there’s bound to be a slew of other problems following. Suddenly dinner can’t be made because water could build up in the sink. Dishes can’t be washed for the same reason. If someone else in the house doesn’t know the sink is clogged, everyone might be in for a little flooding in the kitchen. While it isn’t impossible to unclog the sink, it’s best to avoid a clogged sink in the first place.

Avoiding Grease Clogs

One of the most common culprits of kitchen sink clogs is liquid grease. To see how this can be a problem, one can look at grease when it’s allowed to cool in a bowl or plate. When liquid grease gets poured down the kitchen sink, some grease is left on the sides of the pipe and dries there.

When more grease is poured down, the new grease hardens on top of the old grease. While water is being poured down the drain in between grease deposits, it’s not strong enough to push the grease off the walls. Instead, the grease deposits slowly build on each other to the point where they eventually completely close up the drain, creating a clog.

Homeowners should, therefore, always scrape grease into the trash before putting it in the dishwasher.

Overloading Garbage Disposals

People tend to think of a garbage disposal as basically a garbage can in their sink. Food byproducts like eggshells or cabbage stems get thrown into the disposal before turning the disposal on and expecting them to go down the drain. But this isn’t the case.

Byproducts will clog up while others that are harder but small, like eggshells, can’t pass all the way through and build up over time to block the drain. When turning the disposal on without a stream of water going through, the byproducts can’t get down the drain.

To keep your garbage disposal working, homeowners should throw larger food waste in the garbage or compost and run water in the sink while the disposal is on.

Drain Stoppers Can Always Help

While drain stoppers can be useful, they often get used for too long without cleaning. A drain stopper is usually made of rubber and gets stuck in the drain to keep the sink from draining. That’s why it’s good to clean the stopper instead of leaving it unmaintained for long periods of time. The stoppers can become coated with various food waste, especially sauces and liquid waste, as they sit in the sink. Regular cleaning will keep the stopper working longer and prevent it from becoming stuck in the drain.



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