What’s Giving Your Plumbing a Rotten Smell?

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That rotten smell coming from your plumbing is most likely caused by something a little more terrible than you thought. It could be a result of biofilm from a clogged or dirty drain. It could as well be a result of sewer gases that have escaped your drainage pipes. And one can also say you are likely smelling mold that’s growing in your drain.

Whichever the case is, you would not want to take the risk of ignoring it or handling it yourself. Instead, take the time to learn how to recognize these issues, and get quality solutions from plumbing professionals, like drain cleaning!

Contaminated Sinks May be the Cause

Although there could be a few causes for your foul-smelling drains, that rotten odor could be a sign that your sink is contaminated. That doesn’t mean you don’t diligently use the sink strainer or garbage disposal, but you work your kitchen sink drains hard.

And it’s possible that inevitably, food particles, grease, and other not-so-lovely things swim down into the drain. And guess what, it has developed into rotten smell and swallowed every angle of your home. The most important thing, at the moment, is not only the unpleasant odor but also how the contaminated sink is critical to you and your family health. The nasty sink drain is detrimental to your health and you can’t afford to ignore it.

Meanwhile, what solution will you use? While some homeowners may attempt to fix the issue with chemical drain cleaners, they can cause more harm than help. Fortunately, you can rely on a professional plumbing company instead, like Locklear Plumbing. We are a team of professional plumbers and have all that it takes to put a total stop to the rotten smell.

Dealing with Sulfur in Your Pipes

What if there is sulfur on your pipes? Are you experiencing a smell in your water that smells like rancid eggs? There are diverse problems that can occur within your homes water supply but the likely culprit in the case of sulfur is a buildup of hydrogen or mineral sulfide gas.

These minerals, as a result of no proper attention, build up thicker in layers and clog your pipes while destroying appliances. If your home uses well water or unfiltered water, then hard water could be a serious concern for you.

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