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No one likes having to deal with the headache and hassle of a water leak and needing water leak repair. Did you know that with preventative maintenance and being aware of the factors that cause most plumbing leaks, you can avoid them from happening altogether?

If you’re not sure where your plumbing leak is coming from, call your plumber for water leak detection. In the meantime, there is a good chance that one of these reasons is why you’ve got a plumbing leak.

Pipes are Rusting out

One of the major reasons being plumbing leaks is pipes that have corroded. This will cause leaks right in the pipes themselves and also in the joints.

If you have copper pipes, there is even a higher chance that this is the reason why, as copper tends to rust more easily than other materials.

To keep this from happening to you in the future, replace copper pipes with PVC, which stands up better to the rust. Also be sure to run the water frequently. When it stands in the pipes for too long, the rusting process can speed up.

Water Pressure Needs to Come Down

Think about it? What’s the best part of your hot shower? The warm water, yes, but the force of the shower spray feels pretty nice too

If you knew how much damage that the force of the water is doing to your pipes, you may think a little differently. The swiftly moving water is hammering against your plumbing, which can create damage in time.

That’s often how you end up with leaks. You can avoid this by dropping your water pressure to a lower level, from about 45 to 60 psi.



Bad Water Quality

You may have second thoughts about drinking water that is lower quality because of what it might do to your health, but you should really have the same approach when it comes to your plumbing.Low water quality means impurities in the water that can cause damage to your pipes.Get those impurities out with a water filtration system.

Old Plumbing

One of the most common reasons for water leaks is simply age. Eventually, parts of all of your plumbing system may have to be replaced, especially if they are leaking.Still wondering if you have a leak? If you’ve got pooling water, mold growth, cold spots to touch on the walls or floor, the sound of rushing water behind the walls and an increase in your water bills that doesn’t make sense, you are likely dealing with a water leak.


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