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When you finish mowing the lawn or playing catch with your kids, ice-cold lemonade is just the thing that you need to cool down. However, if you’re making your lemonade with unfiltered water, it won’t taste as delicious as it could.

Unfiltered water contains heavy metals, microorganisms, and chlorine, plus a slew of other things. If you’d prefer that your lemonade be just lemonade, you should consider getting a water softener, a whole house filtration system, or a UV filter for your home.

In this article, we’ll discuss various methods of filtration so that you can have the purest, most delicious drinking water possible.

Do I Need a Water Softener?

When someone talks about the “hardness” of water, they’re referring to the amount of positively charged mineral ions, usually calcium and magnesium, in the water. The higher the mineral content, the harder the water.

Some minerals are healthy for people to ingest, and there’s nothing wrong with drinking calcium and magnesium, but they make a mess around your home and on your body. Hard water leaves scales on bathroom surfaces, dishes, drinkware, and anywhere else it touches.

It’s difficult for soap to dissolve in hard water, so you often have to use more to get clean than you do with soft water. It also leaves a residue on your skin and in your hair, as well as on your clothing. Hard water can make hair seem dull and can make your skin dry and itchy.

Water softeners use sodium to replace the positive ions that make water hard. Soft water is gentler on your skin and hair, and it doesn’t scale as hard water does. Your appliances won’t develop a layer of buildup that ruins them, so they’ll last longer. Even <ahref=”” data-uw-styling-context=”true” data-userway-s7-styled=”true”>your pipes will be cleaner when you have a water softener because they won’t have scaly buildup inside, and soaps will dissolve rather than stick in your pipes.

Are Whole House Water Filters Really Necessary?

If you have a filtered water pitcher or a sink filtration system for your drinking water, then you’ve already taken an enormous step forward for your health and the flavor of your water.

Wastewater treatment plants often use chlorine in their purification process because it kills bacteria well, but it’s not usually filtered out until it gets to your home. Chlorine is not safe for you to ingest, and it also adds an unpleasant taste to your drinks and your cooking.

Drinking water filters are necessary, but are whole house water filters really that important? Consider how you feel after you get out of a chlorinated pool. While your home water won’t be nearly as full of the chemical, it still has a noticeable effect. Chlorine strips natural oils from your hair and can leave your skin feeling itchy.

Unfiltered water can contain other particulates like heavy metals, industrial waste, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals. You know that it’s not safe to drink those things, so shouldn’t you also filter them out of the water that you use to wash yourself, your clothing, and your dishes?

What is UV Filtration?

Ultraviolet filtration is a relatively new method of filtering water. UV light waves kill nearly all waterborne microorganisms by affecting their DNA and RNA so that they can no longer reproduce and replicate in your plumbing.

If you want to eliminate dysentery, meningitis, salmonella, E. coli, and other viruses and bacteria, then you should get a UV filtration system. UV filtration is chemical-free, leaves no taste in your water like chemical disinfects, is environmentally friendly, and is easy to maintain.

The only downside is that it does not filter out particles like heavy metals and chemicals. UV filtration works great in conjunction with carbon and sediment filters, which do not kill bacteria. If you want to get your water the cleanest it can be, you should consider using all three filtration methods described above. Together, they’ll make your water gentler on your skin, your appliances, and your surfaces. Plus, your lemonade will taste amazing!

Which Filtration System is Right for You?

If you suspect that your water might contain harmful substances and you’re interested in learning more about which filtration method is right for your home, schedule a consultation today.

At Locklear Plumbing, we can help protect your home and family from the dangers of unfiltered water, so you can enjoy summers filled with delicious lemonade!

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