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Here’s How Working Garbage Disposal Save the Holidays

For those that have ever tried to clean dishes after a large family gathering or holiday dinner without a garbage disposal, it’s understandable how it can easily ruin any Thanksgiving dinner… right? This is especially true for those with large families. Not only does it save time for the one stuck on dish duty, but it helps to save the plumbing system as well. The last thing anyone wants is a clogged kitchen sink due to Thanksgiving food scraps falling down the drain. For more information on garbage disposals and how to prevent problems from occurring, continue reading below.

More Information About Garbage Disposals

Essentially, a garbage disposal works by shredding up any food scraps to allow them to easily flow through the plumbing system and out of the home. The garbage disposal is installed into the main kitchen sink drain and attached to a light switch. When the light switch is on, the garbage disposal blade rapidly spins to cut up all food scraps.

Homeowners might feel like they catch all the food scraps before they fall down the drain, but there will inevitably be a few pieces that slip through the cracks. All those little pieces add up when they get stuck to the walls of the piping system. All it takes is one time for something to fall down the drain that is big enough to cause a clog.

Garbage disposals aren’t very expensive, they’re easy to install and maintain, and they last forever. It is almost silly not to invest in one

When To Replace the Garbage Disposal

When a garbage disposal needs to be replaced, it will likely begin to show a few warning signs. As these signs occur, it is important to notice and remember them. Once they happen frequently or multiple signs occur at once, it is time to replace the disposal.

Some of the common warning signs include:

  • The disposal makes strange noises
  • It won’t turn on 
  • There’s a bad smell coming from it
  • Water leaks from it
  • It needs frequently reset

As mentioned above, garbage disposals aren’t crazy expensive. That said, if they start to show signs of significant wear and tear, it is smarter to simply replace the unit entirely rather than try to repair it.


Ways To Prevent Garbage Disposal Problems

The single most important way to prevent any problems to a garbage disposal is with regular maintenance. Suppose the homeowner calls in a professional once or twice a year to check their garbage disposal for efficiency and possible problems. In that case, the homeowner will likely know of anything before it even occurs.

Some things homeowners should never throw down the garbage disposal include:

  • Eggshells 
  • Coffee grounds
  • Rice
  • Nuts
  • Pits
  • Seeds

It is important to always have water running while using the garbage disposal to prevent the risk of overheating. All in all, with proper use and regular maintenance, there is no reason the homeowner will have trouble with their garbage disposal.

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