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Chemical cleaners are a popular method of dealing with clogged drains (especially kitchen sinks!). But in actuality, they can do more harm than good. As the go-to team for expert drain cleaning in Woodstock, GA, Locklear Plumbing sheds light on how these products can affect your plumbing system.


Due to their caustic ingredients, chemical drain cleaners can corrode pipes over time. This can lead to various issues, from slow drainage to leaks and even breakage.

Harmful to Septic Systems

Chemical drain cleaners can disrupt the beneficial bacteria in septic systems, leading to inefficient waste breakdown and potential septic system failures, requiring expensive repairs.

Pipe Damage

Chemical drain cleaners can generate heat that damages PVC pipes, causing them to soften, warp, or melt, leading to costly repairs or complete replacement. Safer alternatives pro plumbers employ, such as drain snaking and hydro-jetting, are more effective and less risky.

Ineffectiveness on Certain Clogs

While chemical drain cleaners can help clear out minor clogs, they are relatively ineffective on more complex blockages. For example, if grease buildup or tree roots are to blame for your clogged drain, chemical drain cleaners will not provide the desired results.

Instead of risking your plumbing by using hazardous chemical drain cleaners, contact the experienced professionals at Locklear Plumbing for chemical-free solutions. We’ll take the time to evaluate your plumbing situation and recommend a solution that best fits your needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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