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Not everyone knows when backflow issues will happen in their plumbing systems. Not knowing when and how to deal with them can cause serious disruptions at home. The following discussion gives us an overview of this issue. Consult a plumber in Calhoun, GA to address backflow issues and safeguard your plumbing system against potential hazards.

Causes of Backflow

Backflow occurs when something reverses the normal flow of water in your plumbing system. It allows contaminants to enter the clean water supply. Different factors can contribute to backflow, including backpressure and back-siphonage.

Backpressure occurs when the downstream pressure in the plumbing system exceeds the pressure of the water supply. It forces water to flow backward. This happens due to elevated water temperatures, booster pumps, or cross-connections with non-potable water sources.

Back-siphonage happens when a drop in water pressure in the supply line creates a vacuum. It pulls water from the contaminated source into the clean water supply. This happens during water main breaks, firefighting activities, or when someone opens a nearby fire hydrant.

Risks and Hazards

Backflow poses significant risks to public health and safety. It allows wastewater contaminants such as chemicals, bacteria, and debris to enter the drinking water supply. This can result in serious health consequences, including gastrointestinal illnesses, respiratory infections, and skin irritations. Backflow can also cause damage to plumbing fixtures, appliances, and infrastructure, leading to costly plumbing repairs and replacements.

Prevention Measures

To prevent backflow and protect your home’s water supply, implement backflow prevention measures. Install backflow prevention devices, such as backflow preventer valves, air gaps, or vacuum breakers at critical points in the plumbing system. Regular maintenance and backflow testing of prevention devices can make sure they function correctly and provide adequate protection against backflow incidents.

Being aware of these causes helps you prevent backflow at your home. You can prevent and preempt these instances to ensure the safety of your household. Remember, you can call the most reliable plumbing professionals at Locklear Plumbing. We do professional backflow testing and resolution. We are the local community’s most trusted plumbing professionals since 2004.

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