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Calhoun has some of Gordon County’s best schools. The city earned an A- on’s rating of school districts. If you are new to the area, take a look at the top 5 public schools in Calhoun.

Calhoun Primary School

Calhoun Primary School has 1,150 students from Pre-K to second grade. It is a Georgia Title I Distinguished School, earning federal assistance to give every child access to top-quality education. As a result, CPS has smaller class sizes, advanced staff trainings, access to more instruction time, diverse teaching methods and resources, adequate counseling/mentoring, and more.

Calhoun Elementary School

Calhoun Primary School graduates head over to Calhoun Elementary School, which caters to students in grades 3-5. It has a total student population 936. Like the primary school, CES is also a Title I recipient. Parents are encouraged to get involved in their children’s educational and extracurricular pursuits. Every effort is made to engage students and motivate them to be “life-long learners.”

Calhoun Middle School

Calhoun Middle School is home to 853 students in grades 6-8. The small class sizes allows for more tailored instruction, with teachers having more time to attend to each students’ needs. The school’s strategic vision, “20/20,” is to have every child surpassing expectations by the year 2020. Students are given opportunities to take advantage of new technology developments to better equip them for future success.

Calhoun High School

Calhoun High School has been a part of the community since 1902. It has a total student population of 1,060. It is rated #44 (of 416) of the best public high schools in Georgia based on findings. Students and parents find that teachers and staff are extremely supportive, both in and out of the classroom. Instructors are passionate and committed to ensuring the success of their students.

Sonoraville High School

Another excellent high school near Calhoun is Sonoraville. The student population here is 1,085. The school prides itself on being a “learning community” continually in pursuit of excellence. Sonoraville prioritizes citizenship and active learning. Students are given many opportunities to have a taste of life after high school, including a work-based learning program.


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