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Maintenance Agreement

Our Plumbing Maintenance Agreement (PMA) program helps keep your utility bills low by ensuring your plumbing equipment is as efficient as possible and catches small problems before becoming major ones. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your plumbing systems are working as they should when you invest in annual maintenance by Locklear Plumbing.

What Does Membership Include?

When you join our Plumbing Maintenance Agreement Program, you’ll enjoy lower utility costs, peace of mind for your family and prolong the life of your equipment. Membership includes:

  • 10% discount
  • Annual plumbing inspection
  • Priority scheduling
  • And more!

What Is Involved in Your Annual Plumbing Inspection?

We check the following during your annual plumbing inspection:

  • Toilets: Inspect for any leakage.
  • Washing machine: Inspect hoses for wear and tear.
  • Water heaters: Flush sediment, inspect elements; check thermostat and relief valve, drain burner, flue pipe, and pilot light.
  • Tubs and showers: Inspect for any leakage.
  • Drains and faucets: Inspect for leaks and proper drainage.
  • Overall: Inspect entire house (that is easily accessible) for water leaks; locate, test, and tag emergency water valves.

Request Service

    Investing in a Plumbing Maintenance Agreement provides you with priority scheduling, discounted rates, lower utility costs, and peace of mind. Call 678-203-8105 today to speak with one of our advisors and see if becoming a member is right for you.

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