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Simple, Environmentally-Friendly Changes To Be More Green at Home

St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t technically have anything to do with environmentally-friendly household chances. Still, while everyone is thinking about one type of green, it’s time to start thinking about another kind of green, too: the eco-friendly kind. The fact is that there are many simple tips homeowners can use to make their home a more eco-friendly place. Everyone has to do their part to keep the world clean, the oceans free of trash, and the water available. People don’t often think about how their actions affect the world, but those that do deserve thanks.

But the good news is that it’s not hard for homeowners to adopt some eco-friendly water habits so they can easily do their part.

Water Usage Facts

Water usage is such a big thing for many. It’s also something that people don’t really think about until it’s not accessible. Clean, running water is the mark of a well-functioning society. But that doesn’t mean there is enough that people can afford to waste it. In fact, even saving a little bit of water every day helps conserve energy and reduce waste.

One way to conserve water every day is by cutting down on shower time by even one or two minutes. It’s not hard to do, and it doesn’t seem like much, but it definitely adds up over time. The same can be said for turning off the water when brushing teeth or shaving. For homeowners who like to garden, a simple rainwater setup can be the best thing for outdoor plants instead of using (and paying for) water from the municipal supply.



Tips for Flushing Safely

Watching what goes down the toilet is also a big way to help the home become a little more green. It’s a sad fact that nearly everything that gets flushed down the toilet has a pretty good chance of ending up in the ocean. Many people who live in a landlocked area may think this isn’t the case, but it’s absolutely true. Plus, each flush of the toilet means that carbon energy is used to clean that water and remove the harmful waste.

One of the easiest things homeowners can do is make sure only organic waste material and toilet paper get flushed down the toilet. Any inorganic matter should be recycled if possible or thrown in the trash if not.

Eco-Friendly Appliances and Fixtures

Last on the list of ways homeowners can “go green” this St. Patrick’s Day: eco-friendly appliances and fixtures. There are plenty available out there. There’s no shortage of great eco-friendly investments for the home, from showerheads and faucets to clothes washers and tankless hot water heaters. Not only do these items effectively save water, but they save money, too!

They are often a little more expensive than other options, but they tend to make the money back very quickly. Many homeowners think of these things as investments. Not only are they investments in the home, but they’re investments in the world.





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